Minimum Order


Helpful Hints


All orders will be sent out as soon as possible after proccessing, generally 2-3 days after. We use overnight shipping to metro areas within Australia.


Shelf life of our packaged range of chocolates is 6 months stored between 10-20 degrees


When storing the unpackaged range please do not move the chocolate from a cold to hot environment, this will cause condensation to form.

Shipping In Hot weather

Cooler boxes

Due to the high cost, we do not use refrigerated shipping. However we do offer “cooler boxes” with reusable ice packs for shipping to locations where extended exposure to high ambient temperatures is likely to result in melting.


We always assess local weather conditions and may hold back an order for a couple of days to avoid the risk of melting (e.g. products sitting in a courier depot over the weekend).

Care instructions

If your package is warm to the touch when it arrives, you can place your chocolate in the fridge for 1-2 hours to help it set.


Can I change an order after it has been placed?

Once payment is succesfully submitted, the order will be finalised, and no further changes can be made. Before completing your payment, please check carefully that the order summary shows the correct items, order quantities, postal address and contact details.

Can I place an order for an item that is currently out of stock?

We currently do not have a back-ordering system in place. Our website is a good reference for updates on when products are expected to be available; alternatively you can contact our Customer Services team and we will be happy to provide further details.

Giving Back

Our contribution

Each single packet provides 1 days access to life saving water to a child in Ethiopia or 1 days worth of grain seeds to grow food, thank you for contributing to a better world.